eyesCloud3D, is a service that allows you to create 3D content quickly, in a way that is flexible and easy to use through pictures taken by the users themselves and share it on the web or social networking.

The rules set out below are to help understand what it means to be a member of eyesCloud3D.

Don't forget that the use you give it to eyesCloud3D is subject to the rules described for Ecapture Research and Development, S.L in the terms of service.

Upload-only content that you've created.

It respects the intellectual property of others. This means: do not steal photos or videos that others shared making them pass as their own.

You control your content.

All content on eyesCloud3D, either public or private, that rate hikes photos will be reviewed and qualified using our content and security filters. If the uploaded content does not meet our filters, we will intervene your account so that it fits to the appropriate categories or types of content and we'll send you a warning.

What not to do


·         Do not carry anything that is not yours


This includes photos, videos, or elements of other people that the user has copied or compiled Internet.

Ecapture Research and Development, SL also has a zero tolerance policy in regards to the file uploads with adult or sexual content of the user or another person. Explicit images of sex are prohibited. If any of these situations occur, we will take appropriate measures.

However, if we allow the rise of files with content provided that private is for medical purposes.

We also authorize photographs of paintings, sculptures and other works of art where naked figures are displayed.


·         Do not upload content that is illegal or prohibited

If we discover that you have this practice, we will delete your account and take appropriate measures, which may include a complaint to the authorities.


·         Do not make public your frustrations, criticisms or criticisms of other users.

eyesCloud3D is not a place to harass, maltreat, make you go through someone else, intimidate others or sending unwanted content. If we receive a valid claim as a result of your conduct, we will send a warning or we will delete your account.


·         Do not have an attitude that provokes rejection.

·         Do not use your account to host web graphics or as a replacement for a content distribution network.


If we discover that you are using your account to stay generic graphic elements of designs of a website, logos, ads and non-photographic media elements from other sites, or if signs suspicious behavior of load affecting the stability of our servers, we will send you a warning or remove your account.


·         Do not spam

We do not tolerate spam, misleading labels, titles of photos and misleading descriptions, abuse of resources, or other abusive forms.


·         Do not use eyesCloud3D for unauthorized commercial activities

Failure to comply with these terms of use could mean downward as a user page and permanent blocking access to the contents.